Lamivudine complexes with nucleic acids (green) in HBV
polymerase, highlighting residues related to drug resistance


The SeqHepB system is a highly accurate and unique bio-informatics viral genomic sequencing software, which has a wide spectrum of applications, including for use by/for:

  • Clinicians
  • Laboratories
  • Clinical Trials
  • Drug Development

SeqHepB provides an on-line predicative tool, enabling clinicians to make an informed decision as to drug selection based on the mutational and resistance profile of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in an individual patient at any given time.

SeqHepB is linked to a comprehensive in-vitro phenotypic database of major Hepatitis B drug resistant mutants and is built on the world's most complete collection of patented HBV drug resistance mutations. It is underpinned by a consortium of experts in the management of hepatitis B, thus further supporting its own extensive clinical case studies and clinical utility.

In practice, upon receipt of a patient blood sample, a licensed laboratory generates a genetic sequence which is then entered into the SeqHepB on-line system. The software generates a resistance profile based on the primary and secondary mutations found in the sequence.

As a dynamic HBV resistance profiling system, SeqHepB has been designed to keep up with a virus that is continually changing. It is this unrelenting evolution during antiviral therapy that is at the centre of cross-resistance and multi-drug resistance and enables SeqHepB to map the mutational "pathways" of the virus.